From a young age I have always had a love for flying and seeing new places. I have pursued this love in the form of many many flights, a pilots license and a masters thesis. Over the past few years I have been reading One mile at a time by Ben Schlappig and View from the Wing by Gary Leff.

Having watched with envy in the belief that there is no room for emulation as a South African I have just sit back and watched, especially given the lack of earning miles and points using bank accounts and credit cards from here.

Recently however Ben wrote a post on South African Airways, which in the global context made perfect sense, however without a deep South African understanding and perspective I felt I had to respond. It was this response that got me thinking that perhaps there is an opportunity to provide a page for those of us who call Africa our home.

This will be my attempt to meet that need…

Happy reading, comment and criticism will be welcome.